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 Elderly are our school and children our education,
                can we afford to neglect them?



Dawn Foundation is a registered charity in England for the sole purpose of caring for the poor , Elderly and poor and orphan children in China

Our aim is to promote social welfare of the needy by working with local government and communities - regardless of race, religion, Nationality or gender.

Dawn Foundation is currently working in the following areas:
  • Education of Poor and Orphan Children.
  • Training of Poor and Orphan Children for Jobs and Business.
  • Care and Welfare of Poor, Ederly and Orphan Children.


 Where we work:

Uyghur Autonomous Region for providing children between 7 years and 16 years with primary and elementary education. We sponsor children of all nationalities (90% Muslim Uyghur, 7% Muslim Hui and 3% Han) to State School Education.

We have sponsored children who have grown up with us to University and Vocational Training. 

Our Future plan is to Commence work in other Provinces within China. This is our five year plan. We have already looked at Sichuan, Yunan and Gansu Provincies.


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