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Children we take come from very poor families or are orphans living with elderly grandparents. Almost all children have been recommended to us by local Government Welfare Department of Urumqi and by Local Education Institutes. Each child is visited by our manager to clasify each child. Once the child has been registered with Dawn Foundation, the child's education and welfare becomes the responsibilty of Dawn Foundation.

Children are sponsored to attend state schools and their progress monitored to ensure they are achieving results set by the Chinese Goverment Education Department.
  The elderly we look after are either grandparents of orphans who find it difficulty maintaining their welfare or Elderly who do  not have any family members to support them.

Dawn Foundation assists the elderly by providing for example fuel for winter, day help or general welfare.



"He is not of us who does not have mercy on Young Children"

"Be gentle for gentleness has never been used in anything without beautifying it and it has never been removed from something without debarring it"

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

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