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This trip entails visiting Schools in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China to spend some time with the children supported by the charity and visiting some of the elderly. This trip will also give you the opportunity to visit historical locations in China including The Great Wall and some of the oldest mosques.

This is a great opportunity, open to ALL, to explore Oriental China and at the same time doing some good work.

The Nuijie Mosque was built in 996 in Beijing. You will spend 2 days here exploring the city and visiting The Great Wall and visting a village.
Our children in Urumqi look forward to receiving you to talk about  and find out where you are from, in English. They look forward to you visiting their house and sitting down to drink some Cha and eat some pilav.


Day 1 : Beijing  - Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, Nuijie Mosque.
Day 2 : Beijing  - The Great Wall & Village. Overnight sleeper to Xi'an.
Day 3 : Xi'an     - Visit Terracotta Warriors, Palace and The Great Mosque.
Day 4 : Xi'an     -  The Central Market & Old Xi'an. Fly to Lanzhou.
Day 5 : Lanzhou - Visit local Mosque.
Day 6 : Lanzhou - Spend day with Local Children School. Fly to Urumqi.
Day 7 to 12 : Urumqi - Spend visiting schools, houses and local sites.
Day 13 : Beijing - Spend the day Shopping in Beijing before flight back to destination.

 There are two options to choose from for this trip. Option A and Option B.
For both options, there is a non-refundable registration fee of £250 per person.
Option A - This is open for all who want to raise funds by sponsorship of a minumum amount of £2500. If you choose this option, we will send you a
complete sponsorship  pack.
Option B - This is open to all who want to pay for the trip from their own funds. The cost for this Option will be £1500.

ChineseExplore Oriental Islam and the history of Islam in China. This trip is open to all, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike. The aim of this trip is to combine the best of a tour with some good charity work which will give you some satisfaction combined with some advanture.

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